Beginners Guide To Know About Cricket

When broken down, cricket, like other great international sports, is a pretty simple game. One player will toss the ball, while another will attempt to hit it. However, like with any sport, there are regulations to follow that you must learn. There is also specialized terminology that might be complex and perplexing.

We’ll assist you in attempting to remove some of the game’s levels of perplexity. After reading this article, you might have an idea of what cricket is? You can also go for live cricket.

Types of cricket matches?

Cricket gets divided into three vital forms.

  • Test matches
  • One-day match and
  • T20 tournaments

Test Match:

Test matches last five days and has at least six hours of play each day; there are official pauses for lunch and tea each day – and brief informal breaks for refreshments. There is also a short intermission between innings. Professional cricketers compete in this format. They will be clothed in white and will utilize a crimson ball. Try to look over the live cricket.

One Day Match:

One Day matches are restricted overs cricket because each side bowls a certain number of overs, usually 50, over one day. They will dress in white or colored attire and use a red ball with white clothing and a white ball with colored apparel.

T20 Matches:

T20 (or Twenty20) gets created so that the entire game could get played in a single evening, with each team having two innings. The innings get restricted to twenty overs. They will dress in bright colors and utilize a white ball.

Cricket Terminology


It is how a game gets divided. Innings are the amount of time it takes for a team to bat. A test match consists of four innings, with each team batting twice. Other match types – will only have two innings, with each team only batting once.


The three stumps at the end of a pitch gets referred to as this. To safeguard – the wicket, a batting person will bat in front of it. Their mission is to keep the ball from striking the batsman.


Run is just the scoring unit in cricket. It gets done when a batter runs after a huge hit.

Cricket Regulations

It doesn’t take long to figure out the rules of the game – which gets learned by watching a cricket match.

The team’s motive; first is to bat and score as many runs as possible while ensuring that the other team cannot equal them. The bowling team – uses fielders to stop the batter from scoring while the bowler strives to hit the wicket stump and get the batsman out.

The Advantages of Cricket

We all know that cricket is a terrific team activity that can provide hours of entertainment and aid in social skills, but a – lesser-known truth is that cricket has health advantages. There are also essential purposes of the game, such as strengthening stamina and endurance from frequent sprinting around the field, which is equivalent to a type of cardio.

Other advantages include improved hand-eye coordination, balance, flexibility, muscular toning, etc.

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